Not working Navigation bar on Android

At some day I noticed, as a coincidence of course after I updated my moto z play to oreo, that my nav bar (back, home and app switcher buttons) does not respond to taps, 90% of the taps aren’t recognized (solution at the bottom ;)). For me it was completely random when they were recognized and when not. I could not find a pattern… I thought it must be a hardware issue, the digitizer is broken or whatever. The bottom of my screen in the area where the navigation bar is displayed was just not working. And it drove me crazy. I found an app that could be controlled by gesture (a really great one, I can now swipe from the left edge of the screen to go back on every app) to have a workaround while searching for a new phone. I’ve now lived with it since, I don’t know half a year… I just couldn’t find a phone that suits my needs (in price, mostly) so I thought, just give it a try and search again for my problem.

I finally found a solution, I would never have guessed…

The solution: I disabled the “hidden notifications” on the lock screen (set it to “show all content”), tadaaa, the nav bar works like a charm. So this might be a bug in Android or sth? I don’t know but now I trade privacy in notifications for a working nav bar.

I posted it in case somebody has the same problem and might stumble upon it..


EDIT: ok, no luck, this won’t work reliable either… so it might really be a hardware issue, search goes on! 😉 sorry…